About Kitumusote

Habari!  Thank you for visiting our website. Please check out the new Kitumusote blog and stay updated on all the latest news. Kitumusote has added a new wildlife conservation initiative to their projects. The Maasai are aware of declining numbers of big cats through out Africa and are doing their part to assist with conservation efforts being made on the ground. Volunteer applications for this project are currently being accepted.

Your help is always appreciated! Find out how you can become a volunteer and participate in a Maasai cultural safari. Karibu!

What is Kitumusote?

Kitumusote is a grass-roots, non-government organization and registered NGO that benefits the Maasai people of Tanzania. Its sole aim is to provide education combined with appropriate, culturally sensitive research, initiatives and activities that act to relieve ignorance and poverty of the Maasai by combining indigenous/traditional knowledge with modern knowledge and skills to implement locally sustainable community based projects. Run entirely by the Maasai, Kitumusote aims to bridge the gap between local and global knowledge while maintaining tradition in order to live in a more harmonious and conscientious society.

Who are the Maasai?

The Maasai are a pastoral tribe indigenous to Tanzania and Kenya who are dependent on the environment for their survival. Today, many Maasai still lead traditional lives and outsiders often misunderstand and ostracize them, even though their image is used to represent Tanzania’s cultural heritage. The Maasai are struggling to manage the effects of modernization while at the same time maintaining their cultural heritage.

How was Kitumusote started?

Kitumusote is the result of a magical union between a Maasai leader, the Maasai community of Mondulli Juu and a conservation- minded couple from Los Angeles, CA.Established in January of 2005, Kitumusote is the vision of Maasai leader and tribesman, Kesuma Kasi Kasi. During a voluntary mission in Tanzania, California native, Angie Ruiz visited the indigenous Maasai community of Mondulli Juu. After hearing the vision for Kitumusote, Angie returned to the United States to share the idea with her husband. Together, they formed the Wandering Star Foundation, a U.S. registered 501 (c) (3) charitable trust, to provide the seed funding for Kitumusote. The couple continue to provide fiscal and administrative guidance.

Where is Mondulli Juu?

Mondulli Juu is located in the Arusha region of northern Tanzania, just south of the Kenyan border. Mount Mondulli, at 2666 meters, is one of the smallest mountains in the Great Rift Valley, although its diversity, both in plants and wildlife matches that of the famed Ngororngoro Crater. This is a sub tropical area where the climate is cool in the months of May through October and warm in the months of November through April. The area population is approximately 2,500 people.