Kitumusote Wildlife Conservation Intiative

Kitumusote's Wildlife Conservation Initiative is a new project that will focus on the Maasai's efforts to avoid conflicts with wildlife. The Maasai live peacefully among wildlife including Africa's lion, cheetah and leopard populations; however, when their livestock is threatened the Maasai will engage in a hunt to fend off the predator. Many times a hunt will end in death for a lion, Maasai member or both. With the understanding that big cat numbers across the world are declining, the Maasai are working toward alternative ways to avoid conflicts with predators. These efforts include building sustainable bomas around their livestock that have proved to be very effective in keeping predators at bay. The Maasai wish to learn more about wildlife conservation and hope to teach their community and other Maasai about wildlife conservation. There are now volunteer opportunities with this project. If you are currently studying wildlife conservation or working in field wildlife conservation efforts and would like to volunteer with this program, Kitumusote would love to hear from you!