Founder and Director - Kesuma Ole KasiKasi

Kesuma Ole KasiKasi is a self taught anthropologist and environmental activist who has six years of experience as an ecology researcher and indigenous plant specialist. He has worked with many ex-patriate researchers on projects ranging from medicinal plant studies to tree harvesting to feasibility and evaluation studies for non-profit and academic institutions. He is also trilingual (English, Swahili and Maasai) and has acted as a translator for many anthropologists researching about the Maasai in his area. He has also been a teacher for the Aang Serian Community School in Monduli, where he taught Basic English literacy for high school level students.

He has taken college level courses on various subjects, including computer literacy, film editing and shooting, English, indigenous knowledge, and globalization. He was leader of the Aang Serian Drum group, which was involved with film making- in order to record history, music, art, and traditional health. He was also a seminar leader for an indigenous knowledge course taught in Arusha and Eluai village.

His film making experience has led him to direct and produce short documentaries about Maasai life and culture, traditional medicine, ceremonies, and indigenous education. Three of these films have been shown in Arusha to large audiences and one was offered on the internet for sale through Aang Serian. He is currently working on developing new documentary projects, which he would like to debut at film festivals around the world.

After leaving Aang Serian, Kesuma founded Kitumusote. Currently, he directs all of Kitumusote’s activities and regularly teaches seminars for Kitumusote’s Women’s Cooperative on human rights, health, environmental issues, and literacy. He plants trees and teaches others in the community to plant trees, using methods derived from the Green Belt Movement in Kenya. Overall, Kesuma wants to provide education and information about human rights to the Maasai people. He hopes to pursue an academic career in the future as a university lecturer and indigenous film maker/teacher. He lives and works in Arusha, Tanzania.