Kitumusote exists to ensure the sustainability of the Maasai people’s way of life. We practice this by encouraging the conservation of indigenous resources, creating environmental awareness, and facilitating women’s empowerment and educational opportunities. Our ultimate vision is to create a globally heightened sense of awareness and respect for the Maasai.

Kitumusote Maasai Cultual Safari

The Kitumusote Maasai Cultural Safari was developed by Kitumusote members with the goal of creating long-term sustainable income for the organization whilst sharing various aspects of Maasai daily life, customs, and traditions.

Started in September of 2006, the Kitumusote Maasai Cultural Safari has enjoyed a steady increase in popularity and success. Each safari is led by Kitumusote's director, Kesuma Kasi Kasi, and includes an indepth tour of his home village as well as neighboring Maasai village, Lesoit.

Activities include :

Maasai Women’s Cooperative Society (MWCS)

"To educate a women is like educating a nation because the woman is the roots of the nation." 

The Maasai Women's Cooperative Society (MWCS) aims to facilitate women's empowerment and autonomy in Maasai communities. MWCS was created to build Maasai women's self esteem and self worth and to help them find their voice so they can contribute to village meetings on social, cultural, economic and political affairs.

Community-based sustainable reforestation project

In 2004, Kitumusote started a community-based sustainable reforestation project focusing on culturally and economically valuable indigenous species.