Kitumusote Maasai Cultual Safari

The Kitumusote Maasai Cultural Safari was developed by Kitumusote members with the goal of creating long-term sustainable income for the organization whilst sharing various aspects of Maasai daily life, customs, and traditions.

Started in September of 2006, the Kitumusote Maasai Cultural Safari has enjoyed a steady increase in popularity and success. Each safari is led by Kitumusote's director, Kesuma Kasi Kasi, and includes an indepth tour of his home village as well as neighboring Maasai village, Lesoit.

Activities include :

  • Visit and spend the night in the Maasai villages of Lesoit and Mondulli Juu
  • Hike through the village mountains whilst learning about traditional medicine made from indigenous plants and trees
  • Observe and participate in traditional dances with Maasai women and Maasai warriors
  • Learn the art of traditional beadwork and the meaning of self adornment by Maasai women (opportunity to make and/or purchase)
  • Visit a family in their boma, the standard Maasai residence that resembles an igloo
  • Listen to the oral histories as told by an elder

Transportation is provided to and from Arusha.Overnight trip departs at 10am and returns at 2pm the following day. Day trip starts at 8am and returns at 6pm the same day. It takes approximately 2 hours driving time to arrive at the Maasai villages from Arusha.

Meals and bottled water are provided. Vegetarian options are available.

What to bring:
Clothing (hiking clothes and shoes, warm sleepwear, raingear), hand sanitizer, insect repellant with deet, camera, toilet paper, flashlight, sleeping bag (can be rented), money for small gift for villagers (i.e. sugar or tea) and for crafts and jewelery from Maasai market if it is a Saturday (market day).

Cost (TSZ):
2 Day Safari (minimum 3 people)

3 people-255,000 (TSZ)

4 people- 215,000 (TSZ)

5 people-190,000 (TSZ)

Fee includes transportation, meals, and water. 

1 Day Safari (minimum 2 people)

2 people-250,000 (TSZ)

3 people-190,000 (TSZ)

4 people-160,000 (TSZ)

5 people-150,000 (TSZ)

6 people-140,000 (TSZ)

Fee includes transporation, meals and water.

All proceeds benefit Kitumusote's environmental and education programs.

Bookings: +255 786-34-23-12 or email us at the contact portion of this website.